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New feature request - Video linking

  • New feature request - Video linking
  • I am using SF 5.x for a private Extranet and want to have video content.  I also need to preserve bandwidth so I would like to be able to link to content on an external media server instead of having to upload the files onto the internal server.  I know I can just code a video viewer and embed the media request URL but Im just floating this out there that more options for the video content would be nice.  Also, more formats beside wmv would be cool too.

    Thanks Telerik for a great product.
  • Sounds like you are talking about alternate providers for libraries.

    Currently there is only the Database (default) and FileSystem local providers.

    3.7 had Viddler and Amazon providers, but these have still yet to make it to V4/5

    Perhaps with the Sitefinity website finally about to migrate off 3.7, we might see the remaining missing 3.7 features migrated to V5.

    I guess you could create your own custom storage provider, but personally I've not found sufficient documentation and/or information on how to do that.
  • I've been looking for this feature as well. My other CMS product Telligent Community allows both for local and linked file storage making it easy to link to YouTube Videos, PDF files etc. from other sites. This should be a generic Library/File Module in Sitefinity that lets you create a link to an external resource and be able to define the file type (video, PDF, etc) so that Sitefinity can display the item on a page,