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Convert Custom Website to Sitefinity 5 Web application

  • Convert Custom Website to Sitefinity 5 Web application
  • Hi,

    I do have one website (custom cms with ecommerce module). I would like to upgrade it to sitefinity 5 web application. I would like to use most of the modules as it is without changing things much.

    Does sitefinity support pages with code-behind file and class file residing in App_code folder or class file has to be moved in App_Custom folder only?

    Any resource/guideline would be appreciated.

  • I am wondering that nobody has an idea how to do it or how it can be done?
  • Hi,

    Sitefinity pages support code behind. From  Title and Properties of the page there is a field: there you can enter the codebehind of any webform in your project.

    Regarding the content most of it should be able to be migrated using the API found in the documentation:Documentation

    Kind regards,
    Atanas Valchev
    the Telerik team
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  • Thanks Atanas Valchev.

    Yes, I do understand that we can define codebehind as shown in the image you posted. But then we've to copy paste the existing page markup through editor and does editor allow to post markup with controls?

    As you said, I mentioned codebehind file and it resides in which assembly (Tessitura.Client.Calendar, SitefinityWebApp.dll) but it is not working and giving me error.

    I doubt how it would reference the controls?

    There's not enough info about Migration from custom CMS to SiteFinity or am I missing something?

    Once again thanks for your invaluable time. :)

  • Hi Nilesh,

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    Thanks & Regards,