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Page Caching Issue w/ MVC Widgets

  • Page Caching Issue w/ MVC Widgets
  • Hi Everyone,

    I've setup a new 5.1 SP2 project for a marketing site and am having some pain.  I have added a new MVC widget to a page whose template is based on a from scratch template in pure MVC mode -- and no matter what I try the page contents are getting cached.

    I placed a breakpoint in the Index Action Method on the return view line as shown below :
    public ActionResult Index()
                return View("Default"); // break point here

    My breakpoint is only hit in the following scenarios:
    I am editing the page via /Action/Edit
    I just edited the page and therefore invalidated the cache for that page.

    I have completely disabled page caching in the system config file as shown below:
    <outputCacheSettings enableOutputCache="False" enableClientCache="False" defaultProfile="No Caching" defaultClientProfile="No Caching" />
    --END SNIP--

    My usage scenario is I want to be able to edit the cshtml files, save the changes, hit shift-refresh in my web browser, and see the changes reflected immediately. I CANNOT wait for the site to re-cycle, that takes far too long.

    Is this a known bug, or did I just miss some setting somewhere?


  • Hi James,


    I am looking to do the same thing.


    Did you ever find a resolution to this?