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Multisite feature way too expensive

  • Multisite feature way too expensive
  • Today I had a call with Telerik. The basic price for the multisite feature is 35.000 USD (3 domains). I can not believe it. Ok, as far as I understood it, you get a lot of features (like mobile web, load balancing etc.), but  I don't need them. I just want to be able to manage all my sites under one admin panel.

    I tested the multisite feature and it's well implemented, so that's exactly what I need. I don't want to customize a single site installation.

    It's very confusing that there's no transparent price list. One of the things I liked about Sitefinity was the clear pricing model.
  • Yeah, I'm never a fan of  "tell us who you are first, and we'll give you a price" invisible pricing models.  I'm sure thats not HOW it is, but when theres no visible public price tag, thats how it seems.

    Let me say this though...I get more in SF with a 20k ent license than I do from Telligent Evolution which is $60,000 Per SERVER (machine)....god forbid you need multisite on that $$$$. 

    So while it seems SF is expensive...still way cheaper and more flexible than the other "paid" alternatives (afaik).

    I guess multi-site is just for enterprises...really

    (Also, don't quote dnn in on this either, that thing is a turd)
  • Same here. I had some nice websites ready on a small business license to merge into one installation.

    Didn't expect it to be that expensive. Again some client websites that I have to disappoint. And probably have to port to another system, since the multisite is actually what they want.

    It's sad...
  • I've been a big supporter of Sitefinity. Things are going in a wrong direction now. New Features, higher prices, but nothing is 100% ready and usable.
    I wait for every release with the hope, that all basic functionality (ecommerce is the biggest problem here) works, every time it's a big disapointment. I bought my license over 1 year ago and I am not able to start the project. 
  • Hey Everyone,
    I just wanted to chime in on this post. After our initial Multisite release last year, we gathered feedback from numerous clients and modified our Multisite pricing. It’s now built to scale according to your needs. What you see listed on our pricing page under Multisite Edition starts at $19,999 and then you can add domains, users, add-ons, etc. as needed. Our intent is definitely not to force you into giving us your name before supplying you with a price. We simply want to be able to assess your needs and give you the correct price that aligns with your specific requirements. Since our change in licensing we have received positive feedback on the flexibility of this model.
    Feel free to email if you have any pricing questions. We are happy to assist…