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SEO friendly url in different languages

  • SEO friendly url in different languages
  • Hi all,

    I have a client using Sitefinity 3.2.1616.2 and asked me some SEO advice.
    One of the things I advised is using SEO friendly URL's. Which is possible, however, the site in multilingual, so a product page in language NL needs to have a different url (pagename) then the FR ones. The pages are in separate folders, but it seems when she change the name of one page in folder /nl the /fr page gets the same name :-(  Meaning, we see french keywords in dutch url.
    According to their IT dept, who manage the technical part of the site, it is NOT possible to have different urls per language, only folders. Is this correct?

    Kind regards,

  • Nobody??
  • Hey Erik,

    Sitefinity v3.2 is somewhat ancient, given we're 4-5yrs further and at 5.2 as we speak. You might ask the question again in the Sitefinity 3.x forum and see if people there have some actual knowledge on v3.2 multi-lingualism...

    If non can help you there, I'd suggest put in a support ticket at telerik, although they're probably no longer officially supporting v3.2 I'm sure there's still someone around with some knowledge.