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Easilly copy controls from one Sitefinity page and paste them to another page or even Server!

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Easilly copy controls from one Sitefinity page and paste them to another page or even Server!

  • Easilly copy controls from one Sitefinity page and paste them to another page or even Server!
  • Hey, guys!
    Sorry for the marketing thread :)
    We thought the General Discussions is a good place to showcase our product and hopefully get some more love.

    My name is Pavel Donchev and I am the founder of a Bulgarian company, named eVeliko (http://eveliko.com).

    We just released a product that we believe is amazing and can help you a lot in your day to day Sitefinity activities.

    What it does?

    The short version is that allows you to copy a control from one Sitefinity page and paste it to another page (or in some cases even another Sitefinity instance), just like you would do it with files in Windows.

    Why it matters and how can it help you?

    Imagine that you spent a lot of time setting the properties of a control on a page. You set like 10 properties and now you need to move the control to another page (Sitefinity allows this for the same page via the Duplicate functionality but not for another page or server).
    What you will typically do currently is to open both pages and start transfering the controls manually hoping not to forget something. Then you will probably need to test carefully to ensure you did everything correctly. We tried with a few controls each of which had a few properties changed and it took us about an hour to have them properly transfered (including the testing afterwards). This is really frustrating and time wasting! So we tried to solve it.

    How fast do you think will this be done with our product?
    Well, each control takes a few seconds - right click - copy, right click - paste. That's it!
    You don't need to test, as the computers don't make mistakes unless you tell them to make mistakes.

    Installation / Uninstallation in a blink of an eye!
    Yes, you don't need any client software. Because of the way we developed it it doesn't need any third party applications like browser extensions, flash, silverlight, whatever. It needs a normal browser (we currently support Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari so pretty much the major browsers are supported).
    The Sitefinity installation on the other hand doesn't need any settings, config files whatsoever. It doesn't need to connect all the servers to each other, it needs nothing. Just upload the dll into the Sitefinity bin folder, the web site will restart and our product will show up in the Sitefinity page designer. We worked really hard not only to develop the product itself but to make sure it doesn't require any maintenance. It just works.

    The uninstallation is as simple as the installation, just remove the file from the bin folder and (later on when we make ordering available) the license file from the Sitefinity root folder and it's gone. No database tables, modules, logs or mess of any kind.

    What Sitefinity versions do we support?
    We currently support Sitefinity 5.0, Sitefinity 5.1 and Sitefinity 5.2.

    Want it?
    As of today (27th of Nov) we are still trying to iron out some financial / legal issues so orders aren't possible yet. We want to make sure we meet all the regulations in EU / other countries. You can however go to http://eveliko.com and register. From your account => Downloads you can get a copy that works with localhost without a license to try it and see if it will work for you.
    As I said - since the installation / uninstallation is really simple, you can get it working in less time than it took you to read this thread probably. Meanwhile we will be working really hard to complete the order process on our web site and allow you to use this product in a production environment.

    Thank you very much for your attention and for reading all the way down!
    We really appreciate it and hope you will find our product useful!
  • Hello Pavel,

    We are very glad to see implementations like this one. It looks and works amazingly well :) 
    Keep the great work and tool up, and cheers to the team.

    the Telerik team
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  • Thanks, Georgi!
    We think we can cheat hours of work with this product and we can remove a lot of frustration.
    Also we believe it's really cool because the abillity to copy / paste things is here for the last 20 years and wasn't really ever implemented in web environment.
    So Sitefinity actually gets (as far as we know) the very first product in the world that allows this.
    Maybe I overrate our product a bit but the people will decide once they try it.

    It reinvents the way you interact with your precious content, it is super easy to deploy - 5 minutes at most and as far as we measured it - it really pays for itself on the very first controls you use it to transfer.

    By the way - we're just scratching the surfice here.
    The vision we have for Sitefinity is much broader. 
    The folks over here are dedicated to make a lot more improvements not just in the way you manage conent ...

    To be continued and sorry for the marketing post again ;).
    But that's why there's a General Discussions topic in the forums, right?
  • Update:
    Copy.Paste.Done v.2.0
     is now released.
    We now support pretty much everything in Sitefinity that has a designer:
    1. Page controls.
    2. Template controls.
    3. Form controls.
    4. Email template controls.

    Feel free to contact me if you have questions that were not answered in our FAQ section or on our website (http://eveliko.com).
    No more replicating long choices list that is already on another form manually.
    No more redoing that email template while only 10% of it's content is unique (we found ourselves often copying the header, navigation and footer and only doing the main content).