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  • Not quite sure where to ask this so I'll start here. Is there a way to add a caption to a photo in the image content item?  If one is entered it would then display with the image when added to the page. I do this in wordpress with images but haven't seen how to do it in Sitefinity (which I gotta believe can be done).  Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  • The best example I can think of is what wordpress does when adding images.  Here's a sample blog post from a wordpress powered site:

    In wordpress there is a field to add a photo caption and if you put something in, it will show up in the photo.
  • Ahh, so just the "Citizens rallied Thursday night in opposition to the Morrow Pacific coal terminal project (Photo: Columbia Riverkeeper)" below right?
  • Can you explain a bit more (perhaps a live example to look at)?  Is it the title you want to show on the image, or some different meta-data about it?
  • Yep
  • You can modify any of the image templates here (to add in the missing meta data)

    Or is your requirement to have the meta-data applied for images dropped in with the ContentBlock\RadEditor?

  • I cannot believe this is still not an option out the box. WordPress and other CMS's handle stuff like this so easily.
  • Hi - As this is an old thread, is this now a core function?


  • Hi,

    Sitefinity CMS gives the user a vast flexibility to customize it's modules and functionalities and also gives full control over the html mark-up of it's pages and widgets templates, the option to put caption or any other custom field to the images are easy to implement. 

    If it is needed to display a title above the image like a caption, in the scenario where the image widget is placed on the page and selected an image from the library, then click the edit of the image widget->Advanced-> scroll down and find the Title field->write desired title/caption of that image ->Save.

    More appropriate approach would be adding a custom field into the Images module (Content->Images->Custom Fields->Add a field...) and then assign this custom field into the widget template's mark-up. Here with custom field user will have the flexibility of choosing different types of field not only the text filed. 

    For more customization please read the article of "Extend RadEditor dialogs to add captions for images".

    Arnob Makhlaqur
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