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Deep link to advanced setting?

  • Deep link to advanced setting?
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    is there a way to create a deep link to one of the advanced settings in sitefinity admin?

     in sitefinity 3.x it took maybe 3 clicks to upload a new usercontrol.  now it takes like 15 clicks to get all the way in to add a control.  my site is almost exclusively custom usercontrols, so i'm doing this ALL the time, and it got old the very first time.


  • Agree -  takes too long!  Suggest you do what we do, open "App_Data\Sitefinity\ToolboxesConfig.config" and manually edit.

    There's no other hidden places or things to do... Just ToolboxesConfig... Takes only a few  seconds to register a UserControl using this way.

  • Hello Will,

     Thanks for using Sitefinity.

    Please look into Sitefinity Thunder. It will allow you to register custom controls in 1 click.

    Patrick Dunn
    the Telerik team
  • i use thunder, so that would be awesome!

    i don't see the register widget icon.

     i've attached screenshots of the thunder documentation vs what i see in vs2012.

  • Hello Will,

    The register widget icon is located in the Solution Explorer. The screenshot which you gave is of the Sitefinity Explorer. You can also check this video for an example of a widget registration through Thunder.

    This video and many others as well as the documentation is now available through Thunder itself. All you need to do is open Thunder Start Page from the Visual Studio menu -> Telerik -> Sitefinity Thunder -> Thunder Start Page. You can also open it from the Sitefinity Explorer - it is the last icon which you can see in your screenshot. I would highly recommend checking it out for more information about Thunder. We are currently working on making pretty much all of Thunder's functionality available from there as well.

    Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

    All the best,
    Marin Atanasov
    the Telerik team
  • Hey guys,
      Can you comment on the ability to deep link (as a concept)?  Like not registering toolbox widgets, but more like me needing to add sidebar items on a slow

    Administration -> Advanced -> DynamicModules ->
    -> Views -> CustomContentTypebackendList -> Sidebar ->
    Sections -> Filters -> Items

    It'd be nice to give someone a link to there and\or bookmark it

  • Hello Steve,

    The mentioned request is a valid one, we have had it as a PITS item for a while, you can track its status and vote for it here.

    Boyan Barnev
    the Telerik team
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  • sidetracking a bit here: Is PITS purchaseable as an  add-on for sitefinity? or is there an add-on that works like it/uservoice/etc?
  • No it's not...and why would you want to burden your users with that horrible UI anyway! :)

    Teampulse feedback portal is their new standard I think:

    Otherwise you could create a sitefinity module builder custom type to just create your own feedback collection module.