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Form Bullder Thank you page

  • Form Bullder Thank you page
  • Hey,

     I am having form builder on the site. Is it possible to redirect the page to thank you page after submission?



  • Hey Nilay,

    Yes there is. When you go to the Settings section of your Form (Content -> Forms -> Your Form), you can either set a thank you message, or redirect to a specific page.

    So you don't configure this behavior on the Form Widget, but from the Forms administration section.

    Kind regards,

  • 952e0287-4cb5-6f77-96ac-ff0000ae3c70_form.png

    Thanks for your response. I don't see redirect option under form setting. I have attached screen shot. Please let me know if I am in wrong place.



  • Hi Nilay,

    Thanks for the screenshot, that explains a lot ;)
    If I'm correct, you're talking about the Form Builder Module for Sitefinity 3.7, that was created by Falafel. You posted your question on the Sitefinity 4.x and up forum, so that won't work.

    I don't know if you also have the source code of this Form Builder module, but if you have, you have to change it to fit your needs. If I remember correctly there is no such functionality built into that module.

    If you don't have the source, you should see if you could reach Falafel software and ask them your question.

    Kind regards,