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  • I have been involved in several sitefinity builds, but I was wondering if anyone could assist in a responsive build. The site is being built as I write this, but when it comes to integrating the responsive portion I would feel more comfortable with someone that has already completed a responsive site.
  • Hello Jonathan,

     I have some options in mind I would be happy to discuss them with you. I'll follow up with an email to schedule a brief call.

    Momchil Andreev
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  • I've put together a custom website template on top of a responsive framework like HTML5 Boilerplate or Zurb Foundation or Bootstrap and it worked quite well. I used Jochem Bokker's Boilerplate SiteFinity theme work as my starting point:

    Here is a link to my responsive SiteFinity template conversation thread with Jochem, I learned quite a bit in the process.

    Once you get all the standard load order and pathname and JQuery version conflict bugs worked out it all behaves very predictably. It's simply a matter of understanding SiteFinity's design settings really well and also knowing the framework.
  • (repost due to delayed reaction)
  • Hey Jonathan,

    Feel free to reach out if you still have some questions after talking to Momchil.

    Thanks for the mention and sorry I've not gotten around to finish a Zurb Foundation setup yet, hopefully with the next release cycle.

  • Would you be able to skype? I live near chicago so my time zone is central. I have a project in place and I saw project and wanted to see if I could use the menu option once the responsive goes in place. My project is