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Page translation Serbian Latin to Cyrilic

  • Page translation Serbian Latin to Cyrilic
  • Hello,
    I would like to make a site that will have capabilities of displaying pages in Serbian in both Latinic and Cyrilic letter form.
    In past, we used to solve this by creating Latin version of page and putting words that needs to stay in Latin format inside brackets [Latin]. Then when user wants Cyrilic version we made translator with translation of everything except words in brackets.
    Since I am new to Sitefinity and I am still evaluating it, I would like to know if this is something that I can expect to solve and what are my options of doing it. I saw video, how to handle different languages but nothing like this. My goal is to avoid if possible manual work here, treating Latin and Cyrilic same way as we would do with English and French, since we are not doing translation, we are doing char replacements..
    I saw that in database table, Sitefinity is making fields for each language etc and it crosses my mind to maybe on every update i create trigger to update cyrilic fields, but I dunno how to point out words that doesnt need to be translated.
    So bottom line, automatic process for Latin to Cyrilic with word exceptions that we somehow highlight (if we choose brackets, ofc they shouldnt bee seen in Latin version of page)
    Anyway, if someone can point me out, what are options of solving this, i would apreaciate it
    Thanks in advance