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CSV Import / Export module

  • CSV Import / Export module
  • Hello, guys!
    Just writing to let you know that we (eVeliko) released an importer tool.
    It is currently in beta but looks promising. We're now implementing import / export of orders.

    You can find more information here:
  • Hi Pavel,

    Looks promising. Congrats on this.
    How does the tool handle related items like images attached to e.g. News items and Blog Post items?

  • Hi Daniel,

    We are currently working on the implementation to handle file attachments. You can expect it for the official realese of the importer.
    Currently we're considering to allow you to download them in a zip file and
    then attach them upon import.

    Let us know if we can further help you.

    Have a nice day

    eVeliko team
  • Hey Guys, have you been able to make any progress on this? Seems very promising

     Update, I just checked out the link and the license page - does this work on localhost?

  • Hey, Mark!
    Yes, we're working on that. We also added support for images, documents and videos export. So you can now for example export users with avatars (it exports to zip in this case) and have them imported on another Sitefinity instance seamlessly. Same for any other content that has images or documents (like dynamic modules for example).
    We're into a major reorganization now which takes a lot of our time. We found some kinks with Sitefinity 7.0 we should iron out so the second, improved beta is at least a month away.
    We can however send you a private installer if you want to?

  • I'll definitely beta test. I have 20+ sites that started on 4.0 and have migrated to almost every major version all the way to 7.0. The sites have random issues that I do not see in my newer installations. I plan to use your tool to help me "redo" these sites on a new installation.

  • This is very useful - thanks!

    Have you tested on 8.x?

    When do you think you will be out of beta?

  • Sorry for the late reply.
    I will keep it (relatively) short, because I was hoping to get it announced in details once we're ready with our new website.

    1. We are no longer in the "Products oriented business".  We realized we were wrong and we weren't delivering what we were standing for - quality and automation to save you some time on the boring tasks. So we switched to services. We were thinking in the beginning that we can help thousands of clients at the same time. We were wrong. We may eventually get there some day but we started doing it one customer at a time.

    2. We still have all our chips put on Sitefinity. That's how we started and that's how we'll keep it. Actually since we started I think we only had 3 or 4 projects that are not Sitefinity (our website, that we started before we became a partner, a project for a fellow company and a charity work).
    The reason for sticking to Sitefinity - it's great and we think we should be laser focused to become really good in it.​ I've seen and worked for quite a few companies, trying to master tens of different technologies. We decided to keep it simple by focusing and saying "No" to some of the things.  This seems to be going well so far. We had about 20 projects for the past couple of years (big, small and consulting).

    3. We are going to send emails to current customers once we're officially ready with the website to offer help if needed.
    4. And last but not least - we are planning (as soon as we have some free resources) to probably polish the code and release it open source at some point. This way we'll hopefully get help from other companies. As you know Sitefinity has aggressive release cycles and thousands of clients with specific cases so it's nearly impossible for a small company to catch up. We need a community to do that.

    In the meantime - we are available for questions or assistance.
    I still think moving data, without inconsistencies will be one of the key challenges to solve in Sitefinity (and every other system, unless you develop on the production server :).
    I see that the Sitefinity team is progressing on that but something lighter may still be needed​.
    For example the idea behind CSV format is that you can easily export from most Databases into CSV format, some legacy systems and so on and so on, then with some data massage you can have that data imported into Dynamic modules.

    So the CSV Importer will be reincarnated at some point in the future hopefully.