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  • Navigation Dropdowns on Hover
  • With 6.x, there is a new navigation widget that replaced the old widget. I've configured it to use horizontal navigation with dropdown menus - how do I have the dropdowns expand on hover instead of on click? This used to be a selection right in the widget settings but I don't see that any longer. Does the Kendo JS need to be altered in the display template?

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    You will need to edit the template and change the javascript variable "whetherToOpenOnClick" to false.  See image.
  • @Richard

    No way, the new nav is infinitly better...

    Open on click:

    1) Better markup
    2) Faster
    3) No hardcoded skins
    4) You don't even NEED to use kendo if you don't want.  You could just as easily plop in jquery ui or some other javascript menu.
    5) You can pre-create multiple templates for your editors to use w/out needing to modify anything.

    You do have the option to use the old menu as well, if it's not in the toolbox (might be there just not "enabled") you can just add it back.

    The old menu wasn't even 1/4 as configurable as this is...

  • Why is this no longer an out of the box option? I don't necessarily want every 'horizontal with drop down widget' to 'open on hover'. So I'd rather it was an option like it used to be. The old navigation was much more customizable and useful. Now in 7.2 we don't even have the option to use the old navigation...very frustrating. They called it obsolete, but the features it gave were much more useful and easy to implement than this current one. Like previously you could easily click a check box to 'show the parent' now how do you even do that? Probably have to jump in and edit a template and then the same issue arises...what if I don't want every navigation widget to 'show the parent'... How do I tell my page developers/designers that they have to jump into the templates and edit them now to do something that was so easy before? I don't want them doing this. Giving them access to code is just not a viable solution. 
  • Good to know Steve. Thanks! 
  • I agree with Richard