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Upgrade to Universal Tracking for Telerik

  • Upgrade to Universal Tracking for Telerik
  • Is there any news on future releases supporting Univeral Tracking in GA?

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  • Hello,

    Currently I do not have any information when the Analytics module will be tested with the Universal Tracking but also, we have not had reports of issues. Once it has officially been tested, it will be noted in the release notes.

    Atanas Valchev
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  • I am wondering if there is any word on Sitefinity including the new Universal Analytics? Also will we be given the option to use the new Demographics and Inerest Reports and the enhanced link attribution feature. Both of these require changes to the analytics code and it would be nice to be able to include them.

  • Curious about this as well. The default setup for a new Google Analyics account is Universal Analytics.

  • Can you not just paste the new code into your masterpage\GA widget?  The GA widget is just a plain textbox (really) that renders at the bottom of the page.

    I've already got the Universal setup and working on all sites this way (I prefer the masterpage...one less widget to run\render, and more control)

  • @Steve we do the same thing for clients who do not have the license for the Analytics module, but for those who do get it and want to use it, we need to be sure that it is working and showing the correct data. Besides for paying this much for a license, the analytics module needs to work with the current version that GA is putting out.

     I am with you on using the GA interface and other tools rather than looking in SF. 

  • Yea, no problem with the paste, just wanting to make sure all the data is collected and represented correctly in the backend of Sitefinity.

    Great to hear it's working, I always feel cozy when I get a green light from Telerik.

  • Touche, god-bless'em for trying, but I just use the regular GA interface...I wish there was a config option to just GO THERE instead of the SF backend (for those content analytics links in the backend).

    ...like look at this: www.google.com/.../results

    We're never getting this in SF, and until SF is storing SF specific analytics data, go to google

  • With Google's official announcement that Universal Analytics is out of beta, I am hoping to hear from someone from Sitefinity about the plans to update the analytics module to use the Universal Analytics code. 

     @Atanas have you heard anything yet?

  • Ditto.
  • I submitted this request to the Ideas and Feedback Portal. You can vote and comment on the request here.