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How to Export Website URLs

  • How to Export Website URLs
  • Greetings! We are doing a bit of housekeeping on our website and wondered if there was a way to export a comprehensive list of URLs housed under our domain. If there is a reporting function or tool that can do this, it would beat the heck out of navigating page by page to copy/paste the URL. Any help with this would be incredibly appreciated!

     Thank you,


  • Hi Alison,

    Well, Sitefinity should have an XML Sitemap generator. That would help you in this case as well. But it does not have that yet. You can vote for it to be added to the product here.

    For now, if you have a large site, I guess you'd best use the Sitefinity API to loop through all nodes and get the URL from there.

  • Thank you so much for your help with this! By any chance could you tell me a little more about the API tool you mentioned? I'm not sure where to find it, what it does, or how it works so I'm kind of flying blind. Any advice or best practices for using that would be super helpful! Thank you so much!



  • The API is the programmers interface which is documented here. A programmer can generate a list of URLs by using the API. It is discussed here. If you don't want to create custom code there might be an XML Sitemap generator in the Sitefinity marketplace that suits your needs.