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Comment notifications/subscriptions for blogs

  • Comment notifications/subscriptions for blogs
  • Hi, 

    We're running Sitefinity 5.4.

    Does anyone know of a marketplace plugin or a way to allow people to subscribe to comment notifications? 

    Additionally, does anyone know of a way to get notifications when a new Blog is posted (subscription) or a new comment is posted?

    What would happen:

    -New Sitefinity blog post goes live.
    -Anyone already subscribed would received an email.
    -People comment, and then when others comment, all those in thread receive an email. Also people can unsubscribe from comments or the subscription itself.

    There's a WordPress plugin called "Subscribe to Comments" that does the commenting, and many WordPress email subscribe widgets. 

     Any advice/thoughts would be very helpful!



  • Sorry I don't know of any third party plugin.

    But if you are able to write some code you may want to look at the Events Hub coupled with the Notification service.

    Though I am not sure what is implemented with 5.4. I am guessing you are unable to upgrade as this functionality is implemented out of the box.

    You may want to look at the Forums module. Rather than the Blogs module to run your blog instead. It has this feature and is, (hopefully), in 5.4

     Not what you are looking for but hopefully it may give you some alternative ideas after looking into them.


    Darrin robertson

  • Hi guys,

    If you are using Sitefinity 6.1 or older version you need to achieve this through code:

    1. Create a new class that inherits from Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.GenericContent.Web.UI.Views.CommentsDetailsView
    2. Override the SubmitComment() method - in there you can get information about each new comment submission, for example:
    Copy Code
    public class CommentsDetailViewCustom : CommentsDetailsView
            protected override void SubmitComment()
                //Get the submitted comment information
                var submittedCommentText = this.ContentControl.Value.ToString();
                var submittedCommentName = this.AuthorNameControl.Value.ToString();
                var submittedCommentEmail = this.EmailControl.Value.ToString();
                var submittedCommentWebsite = this.WebsiteControl.Value.ToString();
                //get the item the comment has been submitted for
                var detailItem = this.Host.DetailItem;
                //implement your logic for sending email, for example
                //Esnure you have configured Sitefintiy's SMTP settings under Admisnitration->Settings->Advanced->System->SMTP settings
                var smtpSettings = Config.Get<SystemConfig>().SmtpSettings;
                MailMessage message = new MailMessage();
                //Ensure you have configured the DefaultSenderEmailAddress in Admisnitration->Settings->Advanced->System->SMTP settings
                message.From = new MailAddress(smtpSettings.DefaultSenderEmailAddress);
                var emailAddressToSend = "";
                message.To.Add(new MailAddress(emailAddressToSend));
                var messageBody = "Email text goes here";
                message.Body = messageBody;
                message.IsBodyHtml = true;
                message.BodyEncoding = Encoding.Unicode;
                message.SubjectEncoding = Encoding.Unicode;
    3. To use the new class instead of the default one, please go to Administration->Settings->Advanced->ContentView->Controls->BlogsCommentsFrontend->Views->CommentsDetailsView and replace the ViewType with the CLR type of your new class.
    Then Save the changes - Sitefinity will now use your custom class instead of the default one.

    In addition you can easily implement sending email to desired users upon every new comment creation by subscribing to the Comments events (Sitefinity 6.1 and older) - the event will be fired on each new comment creation, and you will be able to access the created comment's ID and CreationDate.

    Boyan Barnev
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  • Hi,

    is there any new update on this issue? Is there a way for a backed user to receive notifications on new comments to approve out-of-the-box?



  • Hello Stefano,

    Since version 6.2 of Sitefinity we introduced new conception for the comments in Sitefinity along with new comments widget. This provide various functionality for supporting email notification when someone post comments on a specific page or content item. The default functionality allows user to subscribe themselves to a comments on a specific thread. This way they will receive a notification every time someone posts comment on the thread, and will the notification will not be send to the author of the comment: 

    Furthermore you can extend this default functionality in order to automatically subscribe your backend users to comments that are waiting for approval: 

    Here you can find other tutorials that would help you implement other common scenarios:  

    Please let me know if you need any additional information on this matter. 

    Elena Ganeva
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