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Sitefinity WYSIWYG Editor [ENTER] key behavior

  • Sitefinity WYSIWYG Editor [ENTER] key behavior
  • I noticed the WYSIWYG editor included with Sitefinity inserts a line break when pressing the [ENTER] key instead of inserting a new paragraph. Is there a way to modify this behavior?

  • The simpliest way to change this for ALL WYSIWYG editors is to do the following...

    1. Go to Administration > Settings
    2. Click the Advanced link to view the Advanced Settings
    3. Click the section labeled Appearance on the left
    4. Third setting from the bottom you will see the option labeled "Rad Editor new line 'br' tags".  Just uncheck this box and click Save changes.

    That's it and all of your RadEditors are now using paragraph tags instead of break tags when pressing [ENTER].  Enjoy.

  • Awesome. Thanks, Craig!
  • Was wondering how to do this myself, would much rather paragraph tags in pages than superfluous breaks. Your fix works great thanks Craig!

  • Thanks! Did exactly what we needed and we no longer have to jump into HTML  to insert <p> / <u> etc.