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Sitefinity 7.0 RadEditor CSS

  • Sitefinity 7.0 RadEditor CSS
  • I have some RadEditor customizations which I've been using for year and today when I upgraded to 7.0 my editor seems to no longer load my external CSS file.

    So, my content area is not styled properly and my Apply CSS Class dropdown menu does not display certain classes (presumably because they "don't exist").

    I had been referencing the CSS file from the ToolsFile.xml and since that wasn't working, I tried to reference it from the "Rad Editor's content area CSS file" in the Advanced -> Appearance settings.

    Additionally my ToolsFile.xml is being read and is up to date through the Text Editor default configuration as seen in the Basic menu.

     Does anyone have a clue what changed with how this CSS file is read?

  • Dear Scott

    Are you using FF. If yes can you check with chorome, IE if they are picked up there.