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Custom Module Workflow Issue

  • Custom Module Workflow Issue
  • Hello,

    I have created a new custom module via SiteFinity Thunder and I am having an issue regarding workflow.  The module I creared with SiteFinity Thunder does not show up as an option to add to a SiteFinity Workflow.

     Is this by design?  Can I use SiteFinity Thunder to create a custom module to add to a workflow?

     I have reviewed the Product example listed and that works and I am able to add it to a workflow (although the name shows up as "#ResourceNotFound#:ProductsResources:ProductsTitle" in the workflow editor), but when I build my own module via thunder it does not show up at all in the workflow view.

     If at all possible, I'd prefer to use Thunder, otherwise it would be on me to create the code that Thunder is currently handling.  If that's not a possibility, please let me know so I can pursue the correct path.


  • Hello Mike,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Please note that you need to implement a custom workflow for your custom module created with Thunder. The Products module has a custom workflow and this is why you can select the module and add it to a workflow from the backend.

    You may take a look at the following resources for more details on implementing a custom workflow:
    1. Custom workflow
    2. Customizing the default Sitefinity workflows - video
    3. Sitefinity Custom Workflows - Part 1 - video
    4. Sitefinity Custom Workflows - Part 2 - video

    You may also take a look at the Products module and review how the workflow is implemented there. Here are also the documentation articles related to the Products module:
    1. Creating a Product module
    2. Create the workflow file for the product items
    3. Create the data persistent class - in this article you may find details on how the IApprovalWorkflowItem interface is implemented in the ProductItem.cs file

    Alternatively, if you do not have a specific reason to build the custom modules programmatically you can easily create them with the Module Builder. You can refer to the following article from our documentation on how to achieve this. You can also check the following video demonstration. Then you will be able to add the dynamic module you have created to a workflow.

    I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

    Sabrie Nedzhip
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