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how to short image gallery by category..

  • how to short image gallery by category..
  • Currently i am using sitefinity 6.3.500, for that i have to sort image by its category..

     but when i try to sort them it will give me error..

    Error parsing the template

    i will change the sort direction from below image and also get the idea from below link..

    also i want to short category with pagination.. so its mix-up of category and pagination both..  


    any one can help me..

    Hi Ketan,

    In order to filter the Image gallery items by Category you need to put the category Id in the filter expression as in the documentation. The expression may look similar to the following:

    Visible = true AND Status = Live AND Category.Contains("c571137e-9c35-60f3-aa85-ff0200ef4291")

    Notice that if the brackets are missing in the expression, Sitefinity will throw the error message "Error parsing the template".

    There are ways to know the category Id. One could be by opening the table sf_taxa and copying the id directly. Other way could be using the DevTools and inspecting the network request when clicking in the specific category. Please take a look to the video attached.

    The sort expression works as expected as shown in this other video.

    Kind Regards,
    Junior Dominguez
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  • Thanks Junior for replying this.

    i got the solution..