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  • Hi all,

    I've been looking at the pricing list and I see that the standard license includes Mobile features.  I can't see these features in my backend, I have no access to the responsive design stuff.  Any ideas?


  • I
    have exactly the same problem. I am using version 6.1 and when trying to
    install responsive design module, i get a message saying that i need to contact
    sales. But i have the std edition. 

    be honest i don't mind paying a small fee to add it to my licence but can't
    find an option like this.

    anyone enlighten us on what the issue here is?


  • They really should have come up with a new name for the current Standard offering.

    The current Standard is not the same Standard license that existed prior to the mobile/responsive design being added.  To have mobile/responsive design added to an old Standard license to make it the same as the new Standard license is an additional grand or two and that increases the license value for renewals doubling that cost yearly as well.

    Need it/buy it, or forget it.  Most opt to forget it.

  • I have an answer if anyone is interested.

    Since my version was 6.1, in that version it was an additional module that can be purchased. Unlike version 7 where it is included in the std version.

    I have been informed that it is still available for purchase. Problem solved.

  • Yes, i agree. I was quite confused. It's been a while since we did any work on this site, and i did not remember that the responsive design was not included. 

    To be honest i find the renewal price very high. I have worked with various clients who purchased sitefinity all the way back to version 3. and none of them ever renewed after the first year.

    Not that they did not want to, it was always a price barrier.

    It's the same with this site, the client paid for the site, we build it, then they left it alone for a while. 

    Now they want to make some big changes, it would be good if they could upgrade to the new version to utilize some of the new features and also get some support. But $2600 for going from 6.1 to 7.2 is just too much for them. it's almost as much as buying a new product.

    The $1000 for the responsive design module is also a little bit steep. But this is what we will go for i imagine, i am pretty sure they will not want me to upgrade to version 7.

    Although there has been some talk of abandoning sitefinity also, in favor of some free CMS. But as i told them nothing is really ever free. still the price of sitefinity is not helping my argument.