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how to create poll in multiple language??

  • how to create poll in multiple language??
  • whenever i create the poll in multi-language  it will give me error.

    but in single language it will work perfectly.

    error look like a below.

    Wrong custom field 'FormMultipleChoice_C001' for type 'Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.sf_poll_ar'

    this name:>> FormMultipleChoice_C001 its a developer name. to work in back-end.

    but its name automatically changed when language changed.

    so how can i resolve that.

    or any idea how can i get this Developer Name (>> FormMultipleChoice_C001
    ) in back-end code:???  


  • Hello Ketan,

    I was able to create a form with default and custom form widgets in multiple languages successfully, so could you please give us more details for the error you receive and steps to reproduce it.? Do you receive the error when creating the form or when it is associated in the poll widget?
    You can change the name for developers within the form control, or check the default suffix which is generated for every control. By default it is _C001. You can see it from Advanced settings -> ClientTemplateSuffix. You can then get or set the name for developers this way:
    if (control.GetType() == typeof(FormCheckboxes))
          FormCheckboxes checkBoxControl = control as FormCheckboxes;
          string nameForDev = checkBoxControl.DataFieldName;

    Nikola Zagorchev
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