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Add Thumbnail Image in News

  • Add Thumbnail Image in News
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    Hello All, 

    How can i add Thumbnail Image in News.

    i want to display like below way.

    left side image and right side title and then description.

    see the below image attached. Currently i am used Sitefinity Version 6.3.500

    i used below link code for add thumbnail image but this code give me the error..

    How can i solve this issue..if you have implemeted this and record some video for this then pls share with us.. this problem take 3 days of mine..

    here got the below error. 

    Type "Telerik.Sitefinity.Samples.SimpleImageFieldElement, SitefinityWebApp" cannot be resolved.

  • Hello,

    You can take a look at this blog post that actually illustrates how to create a custom field control: Creating a Thumbnail Selector for News Items.

    Nadezhda Petrova
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    as per send your link i work for that and solve around 80% problem, but still i got the error while i selecting the select... button to select any image.

    see below attached image..

    so how can i modified this?????


  • Hello,

    Thank you for your replaying,

    i got the solution. by mistake i put js file in multiple folder so that's why this problem occurred..

    once again thanks...