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  • How can I get control skins to work with Sitefinity themes?

    I've set up a Frontend theme in Sitefinity's settings and applied that theme to my page template. Stylesheets are getting included automatically, so that's working. But my control skins aren't getting included.

    When I was using the default theme, skins were getting included from /App_Themes/Default/.

    But now I can't get the skins to apply. My frontend theme's path is ~/App_Data/Sitefinity/WebsiteTemplates/Twbs. I've tried putting App_Themes/Twbs folders and skin files everywhere, but they never get applied.

    So where do I put the skin files for my custom frontend theme?


  • Like .Skin files?...yeah they don't work...never have :/

  • Yes, .skin files is what I was trying to apply. The skins for the default theme works, but I guess that's it. Why doesn't that surprise me?

    Fortunately I wanted a single theme for all pages on the site, though I could see this changing in the future, so I was able to set the theme via the web.config.

    Tried doing it via the masterpage codebehind, but apparently that's not possible.

     I think there's a setting in Sitefinity pages where you specify what codebehind should be used, so I could create a dummy class that inhertits Page and sets the theme via the Page_PreInit event, but I don't want to have to set that on every page.

    Hopefully this will get fixed some day.

    Thanks Steve

  • I wouldn't hold my breath :/ 

    When you create a page, down at the bottom you can specify the codebehind for the page, and in the backend settings you can set the DEFAULT for that field to be your codebehind...