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Creating Email Campaign Issues Post version 5.1

  • Creating Email Campaign Issues Post version 5.1
  • In Sitefinity 5.1, we relied heavily on shared content blocks to create both a page and an email campaign issue. We would create the page, create each block of the intended campaign as a shared content block, then we would create a new campaign issue and select each of the shared content blocks to ensure the issue was identical to the page.

    Now, after upgrading from 5.1 to 6.3, shared content blocks are no longer available inside an email campaign issue. Also, Page Templates and Message Templates are different, so I can't create a template, and use it for both a page and an issue (from what I can see).

    How can I now, in 6.3, create campaign issues identical to "view online" pages without resorting to clicking the HTML tab on each and every content block and doing a copy/paste?

    Any insight would be appreciated!


  • Hi Adam,

    In order to achieve your needs, you can:
    - Create new Page Template under:  Design > Page templates
    - Add the content/widgets you need /including content block (shared)/.
    - Create new/Edit existing Message Template, use that Page template
    - Add additional specific information for each Campaign in the Email Campaign Message.

    Once you Create/Open the Message template you can change the template used by the Layout menu.

    Svetoslav Manchev
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