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Performance issue in sitefinity 6.2

  • Performance issue in sitefinity 6.2
  • We have migrated the project  from sitefinity  3.7 to sitefinity 6.2  after publishing the web application it takes too long time  to load the site.Any help is much appreciated .Thanks in advance

  • Hello,

    Concerning startup times in Sitefinity 6.2 there is an issue with startup that is connected with high CPU utilization when the site starts which is due to a intensive precompilation of templates. A fix for this is available in Sitefinity 6.3/7.x. This issue as its connected with CPU utilization may not be entirely connected with the site startup times as when the pre compilation completes at site startup the normal startup process continues.

    To fix the problem you need to upgrade your project to Sitefinity 6.3/7.0. More information about the upgrade could be found in our Sitefinity documentation.

    A side note: At startup make sure the code executed in Global.asax Application_Start doesn`t go into slow operations, if possible temporary remove the Application_Start code to check if this is affecting the startup speed.

    Stefani Tacheva
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