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Turn off ToolTip in Image

  • Turn off ToolTip in Image
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    Does anyone know how to turn off the tooltip for images on a page.   Where ever i have a content block that has an image,  it will display the tooltip.    When I do an edit on content block,  on of the properites  of "Title".  It notes that what ever is in the Title is what the tooltip will be.   So I thought if I did not put a Title at all in the propertity,  it would not display.   Well it still displays the Image name.   I just want to turn on the tooltip all together.

    Any help would be apprciated.

    Thanks Scott Bryan




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    Hi Scott,

    I am pasting the answer from your support ticket:
    "The tooltip in question is only present when the image has values entered for its Title and Alternative text. You are presented with two text boxes for these values when creating an image inside the Content Block (please refer to the attached image). Leaving both textboxes empty will result in no tooltip.

    Alternatively - for images you have already placed on your pages, you can remove this tooltip by switching to HTML view of the Content Block and leaving no value -> "" for the title and alt attributes."

    Ivan D. Dimitrov
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  • If it's a global thing you want done, jQuery is great:

     $(function ()

        $('.sfContentBlock img').removeAttr('title');