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Sitefinity Server Architecture for HA

  • Sitefinity Server Architecture for HA
  • Hi Experts,

    I'm planning to get Sitefinity professional edition for my website that requires HA.

    I have 2 x load balanced web servers to serve a website, e.g.

    I'm planning to host the Sitefinity CMS (as in one of the web servers but only allow access from local corporate network (using IP Whitelisting).

    2 x database servers (mirrored, active-passive, for disaster recovery).

    May I know if this is achievable in Sitefinity.

    I couldn't find much documentation about this.

     The information on this page is confusing to me:

    It says that I need a shared distributed file server to host the Sitefinity files and codebase. Why??

    I'm new to Sitefinity and used to Sitecore. Please advise.


  • Hi Richardson,

    You can take a look over the NLB documentation articles:
    Deploy your website in a NLB environment
    Sitefinity load balancing

    Note that both servers have point to one database. Than this database could be replicated as you mentioned for disaster recovery needs.

    I hope this helps.

    Svetoslav Manchev
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