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Schema compare between blank project and existing project

  • Schema compare between blank project and existing project
  • I have a sitefinity project that was started somewhere in version 5 and has continued to be updated as time went on. It's currently updated to version 7.1. The site is working for the most part but there are some odd things going on from time to time. In trying to figure out if there is something wrong I decided to do a schema compare between a brand new sf project database and my existing project. 

    I got a lot of differences between the two database schemas. I'm starting to go through them now and I may do and update to a development scenario to see how these changes would effect the project. How concerned should I be about this? 

  • Hello Jaime,

    Modifying database directly is not the best approach, because various problems can occur. In order to get a better picture of the whole situation I would like to kindly ask you to share a bit more details about the differences that you have noticed.

    By design all the information for some Sitefinity modules is stored in separate database tables. As an example I can give you Sitefinity Forms module - for every new form a separate table is created. This is only e brief example for a difference between a brand new project and project with added content.

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