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Load balancing between two nodes

  • Load balancing between two nodes
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     I have noticed that we are getting the 404 error. I can ping between the two machines and everything is fine. What firewall rules should I look at?

    I am a new user for Sitefinity. Thanks!

  • So I've gone through all the documentation and double checked that all the configs were done correctly. They are. However when I try to use the IP address instead of host name, I do generate a 404 error and it is logged. But when using the hostname there are no errors generated when doing a sync to our load balanced environment. 

    We are setup as an HA environment using a shared storage. When we sync to production the first server does get synced but the second server does not see the update content at all.

    Any thoughts?

  • Hello Mac,

    Are you sure you are using one database for your NLB environment? Note that SiteSync does not sync configs, so if you have made config changes (e.g. added custom field or else), you have to manually sync your config files across all nodes in your webfarm.

    I could advise you to double check your load balancing setup as described in our online article: Sitefinity load balancing

    Last, could you also test if this occurs on all browsers or particular ones?

    Vassil Vassilev
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