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Sitefinity 7.1 Module Problem

  • Sitefinity 7.1 Module Problem
  • Hi,

    After the upgrade to 7.1 one of our module stopped working. The module is the extended Jobs module. There is a strange error:

     You need to find openaccessdataprovider, (long guid).ascx to view the source for the current call stack frame.

    I have attached the screenshots of the errors. This issue is very urgent.


  • Hi Igor,

    It looks like it can't find the path to the .ascx file (which probably is the template).Maybe you can check:

    • If the virtual path still exists in the VirtualPath config?
    • If the template (the .ascx file) is still embedded?

    Just some thoughts. I had this error a long time ago and don't remember the exact solution.

    Wouldn't it be possible to migrate the Jobs module into a dynamic module?

    Best regards,

  • Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for a quick reply.

    We have just checked this, but everything looks to be fine with the points you mentioned.

    We will probably migrate this module to a dynamic one some time in future, but not right now.

    Any other ideas?

  • Hi Igor,

    I checked the logs with that old project and it definitely had to do something with the virtual path.

    The error message is thrown because the virtual path is registered incorrectly (a mistake in the path or the resolver type)

    The virtual path should be registered like

    Virtual Path: ~/mypath/*
    Resource location: SitefinityWebApp (name of the assembly)
    ResolverName: EmbeddedResourceResolver

    The application was not restarted after registering the virtual path (it is required to activate the virtual path) or the file that is loaded  trough virtual path doesn`t have its built action set to embedded
    resource (right click the file ->properties->Build action).

    So I'm not sure what else this could be. You checked all the referenced to the template (.ascx and .js files) in your upgraded project?


  • Daniel,

    We have just gone through again and you are right - build actions were set to 'Content'.

    Thanks a lot Daniel, you helped us a lot.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Igor,

    Great news! Glad you could fix it.