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Excluding Header information from site search results

  • Excluding Header information from site search results
  • Hello community,

      We're currently running 6.2  and have been having an over-indexing problem on search results returns.  It seems that the site search is including header data in the crawl and returning a overly robust result to the point where it becomes not useful.  Has anyone had similar problems and/or can anyone recommend a method to exclude  certain types of content at the page level.  Please advise.  



  • We also would like to see an answer to this. Currently we are running 7.1
  • It has no idea what your template content is, you just need to hide it in your widgets or codebehind (wherever appropriate)


    if (this.GetIndexRenderMode() != Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.IndexRenderModes.Normal)
                    mainMenuWidget.Visible = false;
                    mainToolbarWidget.Visible = false;


  • I'm partial to hiding widgets themselves...using layouts works on a per page basis...or per page template.  So if a user uses your X\Y widget on a page and doesn't wrap it in the layout, it's being indexed again.

     Where coded to the widget it's 100% sitewide...could even add a property to the widget to allow it to be indexed on a per-widget basis.

  • Hello,

    As Steve mentioned, the search index would normally index the whole static content on the page. If you would like to exclude a part of that page you can do it by creating a custom layout control on which you will place the content you would like to hide from the index. We have a blog post describing this process in details.

    I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Vassil Vassilev
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