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  • Hi,

    We have created a Sitefinity Forms control and we have managed to create a custom notification template. However, we are struggling with the following issue - we would like to send particular fields in this notification excluding instructional text.  How can we achieve this?


  • Anyone? This is very urgent now.


  • Shame this didn't get any kind of Dev comment.  I have, roughly the same issue now.

    Yes this Blog on Changing the Default Template is "okay", but nowhere does it, or any other page I can seem to locate, list just what is accessible.

     I know Forms have a "Name" and "Title".  The former being programmatic (e.g. - sf_yourformname) and the later being "Friendly" (e.g. - Your Form Name).   When I look at the existing example I see how they are building the link: <a href="|Form.Url|" >|Form.Title|</a></em></h3>, very nice!  But if I copy that and replace |Form.Title| with |Form.Name|, I get a blank line. Apparently in the templates usage/context we don't have access to the Form Name?  

     What do we have access to? A variable list, or a link to an answer I'm missing would be great.

  • Hello Igor,

    Currently this functionality is not available. We have logged a feature request in our feedback portal which will allow the user to exclude form fields from forms notification emails and hopefully we will be able to include this in the future Sitefinity releases. Here is a link to the feedback portal where you can vote to increase the popularity of the request.

    I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the lack of this functionality.

    Sabrie Nedzhip
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