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  • For the last few years our standard architecture for .net web apps has been MVC.  Our situation is that our organization has many MVC apps nested inside a number of content sites.    We've recently hired a firm to move our content to SiteFinity from Ektron.  So when their architect told me that SiteFinity didn't support MVC I called him on it.  Then when I asked him to put it in writing He responded as follows:

    "The confusion lies that Telerik has made an attempt to enter an MVC market with a web forms application. That is, they market the ability for developers to integrate MVC elements into their page model. Additionally, they support classic controller-driven content delivery within their application space, but otherwise functions independently of Sitefinity. This mainly exists as an option to integrate an existing MVC application within Sitefinity's application root. If you do have plans on migrating application code to the Sitefinity platform, though, we definitely need to discuss this as this would be cleanly out of scope for the original statement of work.
    Since Sitefinity is otherwise engineered around the classic ASP.Net web forms page model, there is no plan to depart from that model for this project.  Telerik isfirm in their business decision to support existing as well as develop all new features using web forms. The majority of resources available in support of Sitefinity are also forms based."

    Is this true?  Am I doing the right thing asking his company to deliver in MVC ?   


  • You can without doubt migrate your MVC code. Go to and fill out a contact us form we would love to migrate MVC code! We are a platinum Sitefinty partner!

  • Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for posting your question. 

    Generally speaking we are not aware of the scope of the statement of work, which is something that is between you and the digital agency, so anything we provide as comment on this statement might be incorrect if not misleading .

    Also, we don't think, public forums will be the best place to comment on a project related statement of work done by a digital agency. I am afraid that the whole question is not how Sitefinity supports ASP.NET MVC, but gravitates more on the arrangements between you and that partner.

    For me the most important question is how Sitefinity can help you in the context of your requirements.

    What we can do instead is the following:

    For the sake of the community, could you share more on the actual requirements? This will allow myself as well as other Sitefinity experts (or not) to share their opinion on your requirements in the context of the Sitefinity MVC support, which is not fake, I can assure you. Let see what you actually need, so you can understand if Sitefinity is a good choice for the implementation of those.

    Also, if you think that is not appropriate for public forums, please email me at and we can discuss the situation, so that you can be more informed on the topic.

    My goal is first to give you the information you need, which goes through understanding your requirements and not to pitch you how good Sitefinity is at supporting ASP.NET MVC , and I can assure you it is pretty, pretty good, but first things first.

    Please let us know on your thoughts on this and meanwhile, please check the following Page, which touches upon the latest and greatest of the MVC support in Sitefinity - Project Feather. Hopefully, it will give you some answers on how serous we are when it comes to empowering developers to use ASP.NET MVC when developing with Sitefinity.

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