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Pop up window and videos

  • Pop up window and videos
  • Hello all,

    I would like to create a pop up window for a page on my website, if possible using the create/edit tools available and not using programming. I've searched the forums for similar situations and could only find replies and explanations using codes.

     Also, I have some videos I would like to add to a page, but they seem to be too heavy to upload them - I've tried to do it the same way as pictures, for example. Is there a different process to upload bigger files or something specific to videos?

    Thank you!

    Maira Vannucci


  • Hello Maira,

    There is a lot of code examples for pup-up window. You can get any of them you need and than:
    - Add the JavaScript on JavaScript widget
    - Add the Html in the content block html editor
    Example video demonstration is available here.

    Regarding the videos - you can try to add a Video in a Content block the image that you are using to point to different Page where a video widget is placed. If not the case, can you provide more information of the scenario you are trying to achieve.

    Svetoslav Manchev
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  • Svetoslav, thanks for your reply!

    But the links you sent me were instructions as to a window that would open after being prompted by a buttom. What I was looking for is this: the user would get to the page and a window would come up with an information. He then would have the option to close it and that was it. It's just a pop up with a text in it. How would I do that?

     About the videos the page would present a few links to the user and when he'd click on them, the video would come up and stream the content.

    Thanks so much for your time

  • @Maria

      I have a widget that you could do it in the UI with


    ...or you could just use a kendoWindow and have the popup content in a contentblock or container or something....