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Actopns in LoadContentFrom in Tabstrip is being called twice

  • Actopns in LoadContentFrom in Tabstrip is being called twice
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    Hi I am using tabstrips and when they are being loaded first time i guess the action is being called twice i got this doubt as i am seeing two spinners while the tab is loading so i have used debugger and guess what the action for default tab is being called once and after that when i click on another tab the underlying action is being called twice


     var tabStrip = $('#TabStrip').kendoTabStrip(
                animation: false,
                collapsible: false,

            ////Current SelectedIndex
            var tabIndexToSelect = ParseQuery('tab');
            if (tabIndexToSelect == undefined)

    And my tabstrip is



               //.Animation(e=> e.Open(open => open.Fade(FadeDirection.In)))
               //.Events(e => e.ContentLoad("ContentTabStripLoad")
               .Items(parent =>
                       .LoadContentFrom("_SalesItems", "DataTile", new isEditingState = @Model.IsEditingState, dataSetID = @Model.DataSet.ID );
                   if (Model.EnableMixes == true)
                           .Text("Sales of structural mixes")
                           .LoadContentFrom("_SalesOfMixesItems", "DataTile", new isEditingState = @Model.IsEditingState, dataSetID = @Model.DataSet.ID );
                       //.Selected(@Model.TabNameToSelect == "Sales of structural mixes" ? true : false);

                       .Text("Customer/market costs")
                       .LoadContentFrom("_CustomerCosts", "DataTile", new isEditingState = @Model.IsEditingState, dataSetID = @Model.DataSet.ID );
                   //.Selected(@Model.TabNameToSelect == "Customer/market costs" ? true : false);

                   if (Model.EnableMixes == true)
                           .Text("Product mixes")
                           .LoadContentFrom("_ProductMixProducts", "DataTile", new isEditingState = @Model.IsEditingState, dataSetID = @Model.DataSet.ID );
                       //.Selected(@Model.TabNameToSelect == "Product mixes" ? true : false);

                   if (Model.EnableCustomDriverItems == true)
                           .Text("Custom driver items")
                           .LoadContentFrom("_CustomDriverItems", "DataTile", new isEditingState = @Model.IsEditingState, dataSetID = @Model.DataSet.ID );
                       //.Selected(@Model.TabNameToSelect == "Custom driver items" ? true : false);


    Please help me with this

  • Hello,

    As this issue is not related to Sitefinity itself but to Kendo TabStrip I would recommend you to open a support ticket to Kendo UI team.

    Alternatively you can open a new forum threat in the Kendo TabStrip forum.

    Svetoslav Manchev
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