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How to assign different notification profiles to forms

  • How to assign different notification profiles to forms
  • Hello,

    I have a few forms on my site that require different sender information applied to the email sent out when the form is submitted (i.e. different sender email addresses). I've reviewed information here on the Sitefinity site and from what I can tell, it would appear that I need to use Notification Profiles.

    However, it seems that you can only use one profile for all forms on the site since apparently you cannot designate a particular profile on the form page itself. Is there a way to specify a particular notification profile per form?

    To see what I'm talking about, log into Sitefinity and then drill down in:

    Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> Notifications -> Profiles
    In there I have:


    If you then navigate to:  

    Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> Forms -> Notifications

    You will see that there is only one field for SenderProfile.  So if I use AdvertisingInfoProfile it gets used for ALL forms. 

     I've also looked all through the Forms page as well and there doesn't appear to be anywhere to designate which profile is to be used.

    Is there somewhere else in the Admin that I'm missing where you can set a specific profile per form? 

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Cole,

    With current implementation of Sitefinity you can use a single notification profile for all forms in your project. This is valid both for single site and Multisite projects. As you already noticed there is only one sender profile field. We have already submitted a feature request for something similar in our feedback portal where you can cast your vote:

    Set the sender email on Form level

    You could follow the item so you could receive notifications once the status of the item is changed and the item is marked as Done.

    Do you want to have your say in the Sitefinity development roadmap? Do you want to know when a feature you requested is added or when a bug fixed? Explore the Telerik Sitefinity CMS Ideas&Feedback Portal and vote to affect the priority of the items
  • Hi Kaloyan,

    Thank you for your response.  I find it amazing that this hasn't been raised as a significant issue before.  Any company with more than one department (which of course is most) should have a need to have different sender email addresses per form.  Perhaps not all forms, but at least a few.  I'm going to submit a request per your suggestion.

    FWIW, I had to find an alternate solution so I circumvented the forms altogether and found an MVC controller I could modify to send the information I needed.  This actually works out better for my particular scenario but I am still going to submit that request as it will most likely be needed at some point down the road.