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What can I do with the Community Edition?

  • What can I do with the Community Edition?
  • I am not clear if I could develop a startup website using the community edition? I do have a license for the latest community edition.
  • Hi Sunil,

    Thanks for your interest in Sitefinity.

    We no longer offer the community edition. You can see the available editions on our pricing page: www.sitefinity.com/purchase 

    The documentation that Craig references is a bit out of date, but will be updated shortly. 

    If your interested in a demo, or to discuss which option would best fit your needs, please email sales@sitefinity.com


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  • There used to be more details on the sitefinity.com web site around the community edition, but it seems they have removed most of it.  Below are the main details I could find on sitefinity.com.


    Take a look under the section labeled Licensing and you will see the question, "What is the difference between Sitefinity editions?"

     Sitefinity comes in the following editions:

    • Community
      For personal, hobby websites or blogs
    • Small Business
      For small business and start-up websites as well as brochure-type and microsites
    • Standard
      For growing online businesses, which need interactive, full-featured websites
    • Professional
      For comprehensive websites and portals of large organizations
    • Enterprise
      For enterprises with large web content and editing needs

    Hope this helps.

  • I do have a community edition download under my downloads. So I am confused.

    But I think Craig is right. So I think I cannot use Sitefinity community edition for a startup company.

  • Steve,

    So if I understand you correctly, there will be no more community edition offered?  

    Why was it decided to get ride of the community edition and what happens to everyone that is currently using a community edition license?

    Is it me, or does this product seem to be getting more and more expensive for no reason.



  • I am also not a big fan of losing the community edition. (Though in reality it is gone and it is only there to support current implementations but as pointed out you can download a license and fire up a new site)

    Though I do understand why they would not offer it publicly.

    I would like to have seen it become a Partner offering only where we can set it up and support it. (ie no SF support) Or as an extension for license holders allowing them to run micro sites without having to pay for a new domain license.

    The ability to help out people with a small need, get them using Sitefinity so if they come across bigger ventures they want to use Sitefinity from the start.

    Yes it is getting more expensive over time but the SF developers do need to be paid to create more and better features. But I would like to see a few more options for the small guy. (me)