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  • Hello all,

    First of all, please forgive my lame terms, I'm definetely not a programmer or tech savvy in any way, but my team is responsible for this website and we've been learning as we go along.

    Our website has an area where users can sign up for restricted access, so I've been asked to retrieve that list of users. How do I do that?

     Thank you!

  • Hello Maira,

    I assume that there are pages in your project which can be accessed only by authenticated users. So, the users need to sign up and login to the website in order to be able to access these pages. If this is the case, you will need to get all the registered users in Sitefinity.

    One of the options to get all the registered users is to use the Users list widget. Please open a page in edit mode and expand the Users section from the toolbox and then drop the Users list widget on the page. The widget displays by default all the registered users. You can also configure the widget to display users from particular roles. Please refer to the following documentation article for more details about the Users list widget and its settings. 

    If you would like to retrieve all the registered users using the API you may refer to the following article where you can find code samples for this. 

    Sabrie Nedzhip
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