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Evaluation install fails

  • Evaluation install fails
  • Sitefinity downloads, installs, I selected SQL Express for my database, it then says it is setting up the project. Then, I get the  message that "There was an error trying to connect to the database server: Could not connect to the server"


    I searched in the forum and other posts said to remove a file from %userprofile%AppData/Local/Microsoft/Microsoft SQL Server.... but that folder does not appear on my system.


    I suspect that the SQL Server Express installation failed, so what can I do?



    Ruth Stento


  • After installing SQL Express, I reinstalled Sitefinity and everything worked fine. I will mark this as answered, even though I figured it out myself :-)
  • OK, I just watched the installation video, which by the way does not match the current installation UI, and it said that I needed to install SQL Express first. This contradicts the screen in the installer that states this:

    Do I need to create the database beforehand?No. If you select Microsoft SQL Server Express, the database will be added automatically. If you select Microsoft SQL Server, the database user should have permissions to create a database or you would need to create the database manually.


    So, which is it? I'm going to uninstall Sitefinity, install SQL express and try over.