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Removing "Live Site" button from backend

  • Removing "Live Site" button from backend
  • Is there a way to remove the "Live Site" button when you log into the backend? Or at least hide it maybe?



  • I believe the simplest way to hide the button would be to get into the backend pages editing, look at the templates used for the backend pages (in the side bar on the right) and add a css widget with:


  • Thanks Chris! That did the trick. Any idea how to remove the help and resources tab as well?



    Hector Rodriguez

  • Just right-click on the elements you don't want and choose Inspect.  Brings up the browsers developer console and shows you any class name or unique ID of the element (or parent) so you can target it to hide it.
  • Steve is dead on with the use of the developer tools.

    I would use the class on that link, sfHelpLnk, to hide it.