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OAUTH2 Support?

  • OAUTH2 Support?
  • We are working with an LMS vendor. They can do single sign-on with OAUTH2. I'm not finding any documentation that Sitefinity supports this. Can anyone verify it does not do OAUTH2 or point me to the documentation I missed?



  • Hello,

    There is no specific documentation available for handling such scenario.
    The approach that is best is to add the integration with OAUTH2 inside SitefinitySTSWebApp (here is a screenshot where this application can  be downloaded from your Telerik account). The basic setup for configuring the STS application is outlined in this documentation article.
    Plug the integration with OAUTH2  in SimpleWebTokenHandler.
    Sitefinity needs to receive its Simple web token trough the STS for all this to work.

    The above approach is the general one which handles any third party authentication and token from the STS application and doesn`t directly comes in contact with Sitefinity. There is also another approach which is sampled by the Sitefinity SDK team in this github repository where the sample provides sign it with facebook, google and amazon functionality.
    Based on your specific requirements review and choose the most suitable integration method for your application.

    Stanislav Velikov
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  • Hi Sharon,


    Did you ever solve this?


    Which approach did you take?