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JS files are not loading

  • JS files are not loading
  • I have my CSS and JS files uploaded in the following locations

    CSS in 


    and JS files in


     But those classes required for responsive from JS is not loading. In fact no JS files are loading at all.

    I am newbie to sitefinity. 

    Please help!




    Only css files are loaded automatically by Sitefinity from that global folder.  You have to reference the job manually in your masterpage or cshtml. 

  • Thank you for your reply Steve!

    I have created two pages in Sitefinity. How i can see those page if i open the project with VS2013?


  • Do you mean backend pages though the UI?  If so, you can't they're 100% DB driven.

    The only things you would have access to is the masterpage which the "Pages" are based on, OR any widgets or controls you have placed on the pages (Only custom, unless you have overridden the base widgets and replaced the stock ones with yours)