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Multisite setup for Sitefinity 8.1

  • Multisite setup for Sitefinity 8.1
  • Hi,

    We are implementing a multisite environment and trying to follow your documentation, leads me to the forum for some clarifications.

    Here's what I've did so far:

    installed Site Mgr 8.1 with a multisite trial license
    have two websites (Default + site A) that I'd like to move under a multisite environment

    site A is upgraded to 8.1

    1. created Default and A websites on an IIS 8.5 Dev server, where A is bound to Default
    2. both sites use the same MSSQL instance but point to their specific DBs
    3. using Default as the intended "target" site, created another site where I'd like to move site A; at this point, the two options "create empty site" and "duplicate from existing site" are present. Since site A doesn't show up under "duplicate from existing", the only option would be to select duplicate from Default.

    At this point I'm not clear how to proceed.

    If you select the "create empty site", site is created, but without any content.

    Please advise what I'm doing wrong here.



  • If site A is already upgraded then install your license there to enable multisite. Then you can create new sites in that instance of sitefinity.  The new sites can then be create from duplicating A or empty
  • Thanks for your reply. Meanwhile I think I figured out how this is supposed to be setup.

    Since I have Default set as the "host" site, and created another empty site to "receive" the A site, I'm at the point where I set the sync server connection. However, trying to sync A from localhost results in some server error. Didn't have time to further investigate, but I wonder if this setup is not working in this environment (local to some other server), or maybe it's a license issue (I stated I have a multisite license, but in reality I'm using a trial Enterprise license).