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OpenAccessException when enabling diagnostics

  • OpenAccessException when enabling diagnostics
  • Hi guys,

    We're running 8.1 and I wanted to enable the diagnostics module. Installed the module but when I went to the diagnostics section in the Administration menu I got this error:

    Telerik.OpenAccess.OpenAccessException: SQL exception on 'CREATE DATABASE sitefinity-d_Diagnostics' : Incorrect syntax near '-'.

    Our database is named "sitename-d" (-d for dev, -t for test, etc.) so that's the only place I can see a "-". Does sitefinity have a problem with databases with this name when it comes to diagnostics (the rest of the site works fine). Is my only workaround to this renaming the database?


  • Yes. You can not create a database with a hypen with Open Access.

    The module actually creates a new database to hold all its info. (It doesn't use your Sitefinity one). It uses yourSItefinityDB_Diagnostics.

    A way around it is to precreate the database. Then there is no need for it to try.