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Website Templates vs Page Templates

  • Website Templates vs Page Templates
  • I'm working my way through the Sitefinity documentation, and I'm trying to get a firm grasp on the use case and distinctions between a website template and a page template.

    It seems to me that website templates are driven by ASP.NET master pages, while page templates are driven by metadata stored in the Sitefinity database, and that a page template might be used "inside" a website template. Have I got that right? Any clarification or correction would be much appreciated.



  • Hello Joshua,

    Website template:
    - Container for the front-end themes, templates, widget templates and JS files (.master, .css, images, .ascx, .js etc.)
    - Define place holders for the content.
    - To get overall idea of the website template's file structure please read the following documentation:

    Page Template:
    - Define the layout/template and Web framework/page mode.
    - layout/place holders can be derived from the .master file of the website template or can be based on other templates or can be created by using Sitefinity Layout editor.
    - Built in layout elements can be placed on the place holder to define the properties of the place holder (e.g.  Sizes, Spaces, CssClass) 
    - Contents (Navigation, Content block, Image etc.) can be placed on the page template with/without defining the layout elements.
    - To get overview on the page template please read the following documentation:

    Arnob Makhlaqur
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