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Time zone issues with User custom fields

  • Time zone issues with User custom fields
  • We have created a custom field BirthDate as part of the basic profile for users; this is loaded by a back-end process with a day/month/year, where the time is ignored (set to midnight/00:00.000). In the database everything is fine; the datetime field shows the value as expected.

    The issue appears on the Admin/Users page, when editing the user profile. The BirthDate appears "corrected" to Eastern Standard (EST), causing confusion for administrators trying to help users correct their birthday information.

    Our database server and Sitefinity (Settings>Time Zone) are set to UTC and the UI Time Zone Config has no CurrentTimeZoneInfo set (i.e. blank) and the UserBrowserSettingsForCalculatingDates is checked. These should be the default values (our app server is set to UTC).

    I believe that UserBrowserSettingsForCalculatingDates is modifying the display of the custom field in the Edit User screen. Is there a way to disable just for the User Profiles? I'm afraid to simply uncheck UserBrowserSettingsForCalculatingDates for fear of messing up other pieces (like the date/time that News articles show up).

    Is there a way to leverage just a Date column type, as we do not need time?