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Custom Widget Creation Procedure

  • Custom Widget Creation Procedure
  • Hello,

       Our project runs with Sitefinity v7.1 CMS integrated. We tried two ways to create custom widget for drag-and-drop use.

    On navigation bar, click Content and then template widget. Fill out the form and click save.
    Create a .ascx file under the “\UserControls\Custom“ folder of our C# project and complied the project.

        Neither way makes our widget appear in the “Custom” accordion for us to drag and drop on the right hand side of the editting page.

    Therefore, we would like to request the correct procedure to create a custom drag-and-drop widget on Sitefinity.

    Thank you.
  • Also, I ensure that the checkbox under EventView is checked, as it's mentioned in the link below

  • Hi Kevin,

    As far as I understand you would like to create a custom widget in your Sitefinity project and then to register the widget in the Toolboxes section so that you can drag and drop it on a page. You have created a web user control (.ascx file) in your Sitefinity project solution in Visual Studio.

    In order to register user control in the Toolboxes section, please build the solution and check the below KB article:

    After you register the custom widget using Thunder, please restart the application in order for the changes to take effect. After that when you open a page for edit you will see the custom widget in the Toolboxes section and will be able to place it on a page.

    Sabrie Nedzhip
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