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Error for users editing content on page

  • Error for users editing content on page
  • We upgraded to Sitefinity 8.1 last October and came across an issue with users having the ability to edit content on a page.  I am the admin of our site and created a page for users to add content.  I added widgets to the page for the users to add their content but they are getting an error message in trying to add content to the page.  That error states "You are not authorized to create widgets or layout elements on this page".  They are not trying to add widgets to the page, only modify existing widget on the page.  I confirmed the user has the role listed under the section for "Who can...." "Edit content of this page and its child pages".  Has anyone experienced anything similar to this with version 8.1?  We did not experience these issues in our last version which was 5.4.
  • To update anyone coming across this same issue, Sitefinity support team provided me with the following link that this is a known bug: 

    It was also pointed out that this has been replicated in version 8.2 as well as my current version of 8.1

  • I just had this reported and confirmed this week...very timely

    I just wish the Bug fix would also be timely... we are an ENT edition, are you as well? ...maybe we can leverage those to get a fix issued?

  • We are actually running on Professional Edition.