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Remove default empty SEO metatags

  • Remove default empty SEO metatags
  • Hello all,

    I´m using Sitefinity version 8.2 and when the site loads I can see the meta tags like author, description etc, but depending on the page I need insert my own metatags, so when I insert this programatically I can see duplicate ones. How can I remove the empty and duplicated metatags ? From sitefinity ? Or inside my MVC controller ?

  • How are you adding yours?
  • Hey, Thanks for reply.

    Apparently the sitefinity insert the basic empty metatags in head section.  So using my MVC Controller I insert like this:

    var meta = new HtmlMeta();  // it works
    ((System.Web.UI.Page)context.CurrentHandler).Header.Controls.Remove(meta); // try to remove the duplicated ones, does not works

     meta.Attributes.Add("name", "Title"); // it works
     meta.Attributes.Add("content", "This comes from my dynamic module");// it works

     ((System.Web.UI.Page)context.CurrentHandler).Header.Controls.Add(meta);// it works

    When the view finishes render I can see the empty basic and then the mine.


  • Try just setting them instead of adding new ones

    ViewBag.Title= "My Title";

    ViewBag.Description = "Description Text";

  • Ok. I already tried use ViewBag but not worked for me.

    The only way that I can do this work is using the showed code above,

    It is possible to have another solution ?